H-8408 Organosilicone Adjuvant Water Soluble Synergist

H-8408 is a kind of non-ionic polyether modified silicone surfactant. By reducing the surface tension of the liquid and reducing the contact angle between the liquid surface and the interface, the surface expansion speed of the liquid is promoted and the expansion area of the liquid is expanded. It can accelerate the absorption of pesticide solution by leaf stomata and has super strong adhesion, so the pesticide solution is resistant to rainwater erosion, which can effectively reduce the waste of pesticide solution and environmental pollution.



Product name: Organosilicone Adjuvant Water Soluble Synergist H-8408

CAS: 67674-67-3

Other descriptions: Silicone Surfactant agriculture, Spray adjuvant agriculture, Silicone adjuvant, Trisiloxane, Polyether modified trisiloxane, Synergist, Spreader, Penetrating Agent, Super wetting, Organosilicone adjuvant, Organosilicone surfactant, Organosilicone pesticide synergist surfactant


1.Super spreadability, excellent permeability, efficient internal absorption and conductivity

2.Enhance the adhesion of liquid medicine to resist rain erosion ,reduce the waste of pesticide solution,improve the utilization rate of pesticides and reduce environmental pollution.

3.Excellent wetting and spreading, increasing coverage and improving pesticide efficacy

4.Reduce the amount of spray, save medicine and water reasonably, save labor and time.


AppearanceColorless to light amber liquid
Active content %>99
Surface Tension (0.1%wt),mN/m


Cloud point(0.1%wt),mN/m<10


1. Add pesticide formula:

When added to the pesticide formula,the dilution of the auxiliary is 1500-6000 times and it is recommended to adjust the pH value of the pesticide formula to 6-8. According to different pesticide varieties and formulations, adjust the dosage of silicone additives to achieve the most economical and effective effect. Compatibility test and drug effect step test should be done before use.

2. Add tank mix spray and use:

Agricultural silicone adjuvants are most effective in tank-mix sprays, and the dilution factor varies according to different silicone adjuvants and for different application ranges,such as the dilution of the H-8408 auxiliary is 3000 times in tank mix spray.However, the dilution factor should be doubled when weeding after seedlings, in the young fruit stage of fruit trees, and when used with regulators.

When using, first mix the liquid medicine with 80% water, then add silicone additives H-8408 and stir well, then add 100% water and mix well. When using silicone additives, it is recommended to reduce the water consumption to 1/2 or 2/3 of the conventional amount, use nozzles with smaller apertures, and speed up the spraying speed appropriately.


Before handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and container label for safe use, physical and health hazard information.



H-8408(unbroken package) is,using 200kg/1000kg plastic barrels, stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, with a shelf life of 3 years, transported as non-hazardous chemicals.



Hito Silicone Materials believes that the information in this technical data sheet is an accurate description of the typical uses of the product. Hito Silicone Materials , however, disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages, which may result from the use of the product that are beyond its control. Therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to thoroughly test the product in their particular application to determine its performance, efficacy and safety. Nothing contained herein is to be considered as permission or a recommendation to infringe any patent or any other intellectual property right. 


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