Oil Soluble Spreader H-560

H-560 Oil soluble spreader is an alkyl modified trisiloxane, that may provide enhanced spreading properties to agricultural oils. The increased spreading on foliar surfaces may improve the coverage of oils, thereby allowing for a more efficient use and delivery of oil-based pesticide formulations.

H-560 oil soluble spreader is insoluble in water, but the alkyl modification makes this product compatible with most organ oils.



Product name: Oil Soluble Spreader H-560

CAS: 17955-88-3

Other descriptions: Silicone Surfactant agriculture, Spray adjuvant agriculture, Silicone adjuvant, Trisiloxane,Polyether modified trisiloxane, Synergist, Spreader, Penetrating Agent, Super wetting, Organosilicone adjuvant, Organosilicone surfactant, Organosilicone pesticide synergist surfactant

Same as Silwet 560


AppearanceColorless and clear liquid 
Viscosity (cst)3-5
Flash point110℃
Solublenessinsoluble in water

Typical Benefits:

* Superspreader for many oil based  agricultural  formulations

* Oil compatible

* Low pour point

*Lowers the surface tension of oils for better surface  coverage/penetration



Recommended use levels are between 3-10%, based on the oil content of the “in-can” formulation. Such use levels deliver between 0.03%-0.1% of H-560 oil soluble spreader in the spray tank application. For examples, if a summer oil (mineral oil) contains 5% H-560 oil soluble spreader, and is applied at 1%,this will deliver 0.05%  H- 560 oil soluble spreader to the spray tank.

Addition of 5% H-560 oil soluble spreader to either mineral oil or methylsoyate may significantly increase the spread area relative to these oils alone, as illustrated in Figure 1.This increase in spreading properties can be quite significant since it enables better coverage and effective delivery of many oil-baesd pesticide formulations using lower spray application volumes.



Before handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and container label for safe use, physical and health hazard information.



After sealing packaging products stored in a cool, dry place , H-408 has a shelf life of 36 months from date of manufacture.


H-560  is available in 200L drum and 1000L IBC or others.



Hito chenical believes that the information in this technical data sheet is an accurate description of the typical uses of the product. Hito Chemical , however, disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages, which may result from the use of the product that are beyond its control. Therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to thoroughly test the product in their particular application to determine its performance, efficacy and safety. Nothing contained herein is to be considered as permission or a recommendation to infringe any patent or any other intellectual property right.

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