Emulsion waterproofing agent BE

Jul. 28, 2021


BE emulsion waterproofing agent is a water-thinnable, solventless

emulsion, based on a mixture of silane and siloxane.

Dilute solutions of BE emulsion as

highquality, general-purpose water repellents for

hydrophobic impregnating and priming mineral

surfaces. Mineral substrates treated with BE emulsion

are especially characterized by an excellent

beading effect.

Moreover BE emulsion can be used for the mass

hydrophobation of non-load bearing concrete products




Milky white liquid

Active substance



0.95 -1.01g/cm³



BE emulsion contains a stabilized

mixture of silanes and siloxanes that are susceptible to


BE emulsion reduces the capillary absorption of

the building which it has penetrated, but does not clog

pores or capillaries. There is therefore little or no

impairment of the building material´s ability to



Special features

- good depth of penetration

- rapid development of water repellency

- highly durable and effective beading effect

- tack-free drying

- provides good adhesion for paints

- water-based and environmentally compatible

- stable in storage, even when diluted



DiluteBE emulsion is an excellent water

repellent for many absorbent mineral substrates, such

as bricks, sand-lime brick, natural sandstone and

mineral plasters. It is not so suitable for less

absorbent, dense natural stone, especially limestone,

marble and reinforced concrete for bridges and roads.

Owing to its aqueous consistency and storage stability

when diluted, BE emulsion is ideal for inplant

impregnation of building materials made of clay,

aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, fibrous cement,

mineral fibers and lightweight aggregate.

BE emulsion may also serve as a water-repellent

primer for emulsion paints and plasters, silicone resin

emulsion paints and silicone resin plasters.



Tap water is suitable for preparing solutions of

BE emulsion for use as facade water repellent

primer. We recommend an active substance content of

5-10% (dilute the product in the ratio 1:5 to 1:11), the

exact figure depending on how absorbent the substrate




Before handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and container label for safe use, physical and health hazard information.



The "Best use before end" date of each batch is shown

on the product label.

Storage beyond the date specified on the label does

not necessarily mean that the product is no longer

usable. In this case however, the properties required

for the intended use must be checked for quality

assurance reasons



BE emulsion waterproofing agent is available in 200L drum and 1000L IBC or others.




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