Organosilicone fluid H-034

Jul. 22, 2021


H-034 Organosilicone Fluid as additive in personal care products, used to handle and spreadability improve all kinds of makeup oil. In the system for adding plant oil, makeup oil, paraffin or mineral oil to reduce the greasy feeling.

H-034 Organosilicone Fluid can make the smear oil or grease with a silky feeling, thus reducing the time smear. In the make-up oil formula can provide a silky feeling, and can obviously improve the dispersion of inorganic pigments in oil in the.



Colorless liquid

Viscosity (25℃)


Refration cofficient




Skin care products: the majority of oil H-034 Organosilicone Fluid and skincare formulation of good compatibility, can be added in a variety of skin care products to provide soft, not sticky feeling, unique coverage and reduced rubbing time.

Make-up: H-034 Organosilicone Fluid dispersant efficiency, can help the inorganic pigment dispersed in various oils. Very useful in cosmetic formulations, such as base material, liquid cosmetics, lip gloss, eye.

Bath oil and sunscreen:H-034 Organosilicone Fluid for oil based products can provide a silky feeling, reduce adhesions and increasing component dispersed on the skin.

Hair care: H-034 Organosilicone Fluid for oil based hair care products can provide non greasy feeling, and enhance the wetting component in the hair of the dispersion.



When a lot of personal care products due to the addition of H-034 Organosilicone Fluid, the following is the main performance.

1: may provide a silky feeling, in the personal care products can improve the adhesion and greasy feeling Coverage expansion and surface

2: can decrease surface tension of the various oils to enhance plant oil, makeup oil, paraffin, mineral oil.

3: can enhance the scalability formulations oil so as to reduce the paste and washing liquid rubbing time.

4: can improve the tiny particles, such as the dispersion of pigment, inorganic sunscreens in organic oils.



Before handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and container label for safe use, physical and health hazard information.



After sealing packaging products stored in a cool, dry place , H-034 has a shelf life of 36 months from date of manufacture.



H-034 is available in 200L drum and 1000L IBC or others.


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